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What Are My Options?


If you can no longer afford to pay your mortgage and you owe more then the properties market value there are several options available to you.


  • Loan modification – Going to your lender and seeing if they would reduce the monthly payments so you can afford it.


  • Government programs – There are several government programs available that may help you with your situation. Those are touched on in a later question.


  • Short Sale – Selling your home for less then what you owe.


  • Deed in Lieu – The lender lets you sign the property over to them.


  • Foreclosure – The lender sues you for the principle balance, past due interest, late charges and attorney fees. They get a judgment against you and ask the judge to have the home sold.


All of these options will affect your credit; some more than others. Some of these options might eliminate or decrease the deficiency judgment that may be placed against you.


Complete Real Estate Options staff can explain in detail what each option is. Contact us if you need more information.



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