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Will They Stop The "Foreclosure" If I List The Property As A "Short Sale"?



There is no black and white answer to that question. It is up to the individual lender and or their investors.



Some of the criteria they may look at is if the foreclosure was started or how far long along it is in the legal process.


Some of the lenders that we have worked have put the foreclosure on "hold"; some of them continue with the action. If they continue with the action it is up to us to get it sold before it is finalized. 


We can state that it would be unusual for a lender to stop a foreclosure near the end of the legal action.


Your best chance for us to get a foreclosure stopped or put on hold if you are going to complete a short sale is before it is started or shortly after.


If you have been told that the lender is starting to foreclose or has just started it is imperative that you contact us now before you lose any chance to stop the foreclosure.



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