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 Wish List


Before you start looking for your dream home we want you to fill out a “Wish List” form that can be downloaded here. Or you can sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil, draw a line down the center of the paper. At the top on one side of the line print “Want”. On the other side print “Need”.


Once you have the "Wish List" you can start filling in the “Want” side.


Write down your idea as to what you want in your home. It might be 4-bedroom / 3-bathrooms / 5000 square feet / 3-car garage / on an Acre lot in Sunshine Ranches.


Once you are finished writing down what you might "want" in your home you might need to step back and be realistic.  


If you are not pre-qualified for the type of home on your “Want” list then you have to narrow your list down to a “Needs" list. It might be a 3-bedroom, 2000 square foot home with a 2-car garage. What ever you need and qualify for is what you should be looking to purchase.


Of course, if you ARE pre-qualified for that 4-bedroom / 3-bathrooms / 5000 square feet / 3-car garage / on an Acre lot in Sunshine Ranches are selling for then we can jump to the next section.


We find that most buyers “Wish List” are more then what they can afford or actually need. If you are a couple with one child you might want a 4-bedroom home so you can have a home office and a playroom for the child. What you need is a 2-bedroom home with a family room. You might want a 3-car garage but you could make due with a 1-car garage. You might want an in-ground pool. In most cases you don’t need one.


If you have children the areas that the schools are in that you want your children to go to might be the deciding factor on your list. Look at the Broward County School District Map here.


Narrow your list down to your “Needs” that are within your "Budget". That is where we will start looking.


You see where we are going. You have a budget (what you are pre-qualified for). Now you have to decide what your needs are that are affordable within that budget.


Making a “Wish List” and staying within the “Budget” will make sure you will purchase a property you can afford to live in.



Once you make your “Wish List” it is time to find your “Dream Home”……



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