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Complete Real Estate Options Listings


Click on the link at the bottom of this page to open a window where you can print out all of Complete Real Estate Options current conventional, short sale, and foreclosed (REO) portfolio of listed or soon to be listed properties. The date on the link is when the list was most recently updated. Check back weekly for the most recent list available.


The conventional, short sale, and vacant foreclosed listings are available to be shown. If you are not currently working with a Realtor call one of our team members to set up an appointment.


Our list includes all of our foreclosured (REO) properties that are either occupied and not listed (Occupied / NL), or vacant but not listed (Vacant / NL).


The occupied and vacant but not listed foreclosed properties can be viewed from the street. Do not go on the occupied properties (it would be considered tresspassing). Please do not disturb the occupants.


If the property is "Not Listed" (NL) it is because we have not been given a "list price" by the client. There could be several reasons why the client has not listed it (title issues, condition, on going repair to name a few). Keep checking back. Once the client gives us a list price we will update its status here and the property will be listed our local MLS.


If a property was on our list last week but is not on this weeks list it is no longer available to purchase. Either because the property was listed and the client accepted an offer, or, if it was not listed, there were title or other issues with the property the client is clearing up before they list it on the market.


 For best results print this out in "Landscape" orientation.


Again, if you are not currently working with a Realtor call one of our team members for more information.


Download our current active and not active listings for the week of 04/21/2014