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Short Sale


Unfortunately, in today’s economy and market conditions, many people are finding themselves in a position that the South Florida real estate market has not seen in over 50 years. Their homes value is less then what they owe. They are, as the term goes, “under water”. If they need to sell the home they could not sell it for enough to pay off the mortgage.


  • Have you missed several mortgage payments and the lender is threatening to foreclose?


  • Has the lender started the "forecl;osure" process?


  • Do you have to move and owe more on your home then what it is currently worth?


  • Do you have a hardship that is affecting your ability to make your mortgage payments?


A short sale could be the answer to alleviate the outstanding balance on your mortgage.


In some cases, if in the beginning of the foreclosure process, Complete Real Estate Options can get the lender to postpone a foreclosure process while they complete a short sale for you.


There are no "additional" or "hiddencharges from Complete Real Estate Options to you, the seller, from us to handle your "short sale" listing. No up front costs to you. We do collect a "commission" as the listing brokerage but we collect that from your lender.


Below are some commonly asked questions we have answered over the years of handling short sales. Look through them and see if they answer your questions. If you have other questions or concerns contact Complete Real Estate Options . If we do not know the answer we will find them for you.



What is a short sale?


What are my options?


What is the short sale process?


What Is a “Deficiency Judgment”?


Do I qualify to complete a short sale?


How is a "short sale" treated tax wise?


Are there government programs that can help me?


What is “Relocation Assistance” and can I receive it?


What are the qualifications for a government short sale program?


What Is the difference between a "Foreclosure" and a "Short Sale"?


 Will completing a “Foreclosure” or “Short sale” affect me in the future?


Will the lender stop the "foreclosure" if I list the property as a "short sale"?


I've read enough!  I Want To List My House With Complete Real Estate Options! How do I do that? 



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